Wednesday, December 14, 2011



picturesbyclaudia 282

My computer is being repaired and along with the file with my Auction Photos.  This is a photo from my family collection of my fathers side of the family.  He is a WW1 soldier with no name and I do not know anything about him.   The only WW1 soldier that I came across is Owen Mulroy, who was the son of my great grandfathers (Thomas Dowd) sister Catherine Dowd Mulroy.   He died in 1918 from infection of war wounds.   Owen is a possible candidate, but where did the photo come from and what is the number 2648 on the bottom of the picture?


  1. What a shame the photo wasn't labelled with his name. Do you think the number might be the photographer's index number? But why put it on the front? Puzzling....

  2. I think the photographer must have numbered them..they were most likely cropped and framed:)