Monday, August 29, 2011




8-29-2011 3;18;03 PM


Who was this couple and why did they appeal  to me?

The answer was on the back of the card.   It listed a name of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Steinke, and below was her name Calisa.    I searched Ancestry and found the couple in Dark, Ohio.  This was easy due to her name.   I also found a man who has the same photo on his blog.  After I get some more of the photos scanned I will contact him and inform him of what I have found.  Perhaps he would be interested in all the photos.    

I am thinking he will be because he has a lot of photo and documents on his blog.


On Sunday my husband Chuck went to an auction.   He bought a small chest in the hopes of taking it to my daughter Emily's home.   She has been working since last December and we have been looking for good buys to fill up a Victorian house.  When he was ready to leave I arrived with the bigger car in order to put in the purchase.
He had a large box and he said to me that it came with the furniture.

What to my surprise it was a collection of photographs.   As genealogist we all know we would NEVER throw away old photographs.  In fact we were most likely to try to find the family of which they may belong.

I looked through the box and much to my surprise there were some that appeared to have been taken in the 1800's and early 1900's.   The most recent, aside of a few children school pictures, seem to have ended in the 1950's.

So I am in the process of scanning and posting the photographs.